A blue and white Earth against black space taken from the International Space Station

Dr. Leslie E. Spanel Planetarium

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September 27th 2021 Update

Campus has reopened and is operating at full capacity. The Leslie E. Spanel Planetarium will be hosting limited in-person shows for student and faculty compliant with Westerns vaccination standards.

For our community partners we are continuing to offer virtual shows. Check those out on Our Shows page, or inquire at physics.wwu.edu.

You can find more information at Westerns coronavirus website: https://www.wwu.edu/coronavirus...

Public Shows:

Calling WWU Students!

Want a break from finals? The Spanel Planetarium is excited to welcome students, staff, and faculty back to the dome for an in-person show. December 3rd at 3pm, come experience the new Digistar 7 system as we take a look at the night sky and all it has to offer. We'll pick out night sky objects you can find on a clear night in your own backyard. This month, we'll also be exploring images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and the upcoming launch of its successor, the James Webb Telescope.

Tickets on sale for $5 a seat at the WWU Box Office. Purchase tickets over the phone to avoid the online fee. Follow us on Facebook for updates!


Attending WWU students, staff, and faculty must be up-to date with Westerns vaccination standards. Masks must be worn for the duration of the show regardless of vaccination status.

For disability accommodations, please contact the Spanel Planetarium at physics@wwu.edu. Disability access information is available online at Transportation Services, and further resources can be found on Western's Disability Access Center website and the AS Disability Outreach Center.