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The Sunflower Galaxy. Swirl of reds, blues, and whites around a bright center.

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Public Shows Winter Quarter 2023

Saturday, January 21st at 1pm: The First Stargazers
Journey back in time to explore how the first stargazers experienced the sky above. Your guide is Nashira, a friendly time traveler who has visited Earth many times before. Witness the very first stargazer making a Moon calendar out of animal bone 30,000 years ago. Discover the ancient pyramids of Giza and their alignment to the skies. See stunning digital re-creations of the Parthenon, Alexandria Library, Stonehenge and Abu Simbel Temple and be inspired by the first stargazers who laid down the foundations of modern-day astronomy. Fulldome video.
Saturday, February 11th at 1pm: Solar System Tour
Join us as we get an up close and personal look with our solar systems planets and talk about what makes each one unique. Live presentation.
Saturday, March 11th at 1pm: All About Moons!
We'll visit several moons in the solar system (including our own) and find where water, cryovolcanoes, and methane has been found. We'll visit Enceladus, Titan, Europa, and more and talk about the unique environments found there. Live presentation.
Tickets are $5 for general public, and $3 for students. Tickets go on sale January 1st 2023 and can be purchased from our box office.

For disability accommodations, please contact us at Disability access information is available online at Transportation Services, and further resources can be found on Western's Disability Access Center website and the AS Disability Outreach Center.


Private Shows

We are now scheduling for Winter Quarter 2023. January 4th - March 17th.

Private shows by appointment only. Please email two weeks in advance to schedule a show.

In Winter Quarter 2023, we are available for shows Mondays between 10am and 2pm, and Wednesdays between 3pm and 7pm.


Our shows are recommended for ages 8 and up.

All shows are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 4 to 12.

Our group shows are offered for $50 and are 45 minutes long, we can accommodate 45 people. To schedule a show, please email with your chosen show topic, class grade, and anticipated number of participants. Tickets must be purchased two weeks before the show date to reserve your show.

Thanks to a grant from BP p.l.c., Whatcom County Public school 4th and 5th grade classes can attend private shows with no charge.

Click here to learn about our available show topics.

For WWU student projects, class field trips, or staff and faculty retreats, see our Student and Faculty page.

The planetarium office is staffed on a part-time basis, and scheduling requests can take up to a week to process.