Schedules and Tickets

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Purchase Tickets

You can order tickets through the PAC box office, or through the Western My Pro Venue platform.

Order through the PAC Box Office 

Order through My Pro Venue

Private Shows

June 7th 2022 is our last day for private shows this quarter. We will be available for private shows in September.


Private shows by appointment only. Please email two weeks in advance to schedule a show.

All shows are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards for grades 4 to 12.

Our group shows are offered for $50 and are 45 minutes long, we have 45 seats. To schedule a show, please email with your chosen show topic, class grade, and anticipated number of participating students. Tickets must be purchased two weeks before the show date to reserve your show.

Whatcom County 4th and 5th grade classes are covered under a grant from BP that covers the cost of the show. E-mail to ask about these shows.

Click here to learn about our available show topics.

For WWU student projects, class field trips, or staff and faculty retreats, see our Student and Faculty page.

Public shows

There are no public shows scheduled at this time.

For disability accommodations, please contact us at Disability access information is available online at Transportation Services, and further resources can be found on Western's Disability Access Center website and the AS Disability Outreach Center.

Schedule Of Events